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Mastering Tarot for Deeper Divination in Your Writing:

January 4th- 25th

In this four week workshop, we’ll learn the basics of Tarot to help dig into your own intuition to help you work past roadblocks, jumpstart a creative idea you might be sitting on, or help you gain more insight into a character, scene, or section in your writing you might be stuck on.

You don’t need to be an expert in Tarot to tap into its magick and knowledge and apply it to your own writing. Remember, we are all sensory beings. We all have the ability to use our intuition and senses. In this case, we’ll be applying your untapped abilities to your writing.

Applied Learning:

We’ll use scenic tarot decks (Rider Waite or any deck with rich pictures for interpretation) for character development, scene development and structure, conflict/tension building, and focus on any overall goals you want to reach.

By utilizing craft exercises and different Tarot spreads in a workshop environment, we’ll interpret the meanings of your cards along with guided instruction and feedback to offer a careful and caring balance of both a workshop environment and instructor-led one-on-one focus.

This will be a hybrid workshop consisting of self-paced learning, workshopping, as well as optional (but recommended) live meetings for Q&A and discussion.

Is This Class for Me?

Writers in any genre can take this class as well as those with a basic knowledge of Tarot. In Week One, we will be covering the basics of Tarot and how it connects with your writing. This is not a tarot class! This is for learning the basic use of Tarot to help you with your writing. If you are interested in a tarot divination class, I have a workshopping forthcoming for that! Email me at alchemyauthorservices.com to be put on the list for this workshop.

What Do I Need For this Workshop?

Purchase (if you don’t already own) your own tarot deck so you can work with your own cards. I highly recommend for this workshop to choose a deck rich in imagery, depending on what kind of writing you’re working on, such as the following: Beautiful Tarot Decks

For those new to Tarot, I recommend keeping it simple in the beginning. You can always work your way up as you continue to learn! Rider Waite Tarot Deck is a great start for a beginner deck.

**We will NOT be using Oracle decks during this workshop. If you need help finding a tarot deck, please email me, and I will help you narrow down a few decks that speak to you!


Writing Workshop

Registration for one participant for the four week workshop beginning January 4th- January 25th. Tarot deck is a requirement. No playing card deck substitutions please (for ease of workshop).


Scholarships are always available. Email me for details!
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