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Hillary isn’t only an author doing her own thing. She’s a participating, contributing member of a thriving writing community. That says it all.Deanna M. Rasch- author, editor

Hillary recently edited an essay of mine about a difficult subject, and I was astounded by her thoroughness, her thoughtfulness, her professionalism, and her compassion. She was more than a champion for my work; she understood exactly what I wanted to do and had clear-eyed advice on how to do it. I would work with her again on another project without hesitation. -Cheryl Pappas- author, editor

If you need an editor or proofreader for a project, I can’t sing Hillary’s praises enough. She jumped in at the last minute, turned it around fast and is generally a wizard with words and all-around fabulous human. -Mary Harpin- author


EDITING. It may be the one thing a writer is scared of the most. A second set of eyes is key to editing a piece of writing and discovering what you may be overlooking.

Our words matter, and when we don’t know how to edit our work, our words can easily be forgotten or ignored. When we sweep away the unnecessary language and layers in our writing is when we discover the ghosts.

These are the words or language that jump out at us, give a reader the reaction as a writer we crave.

I understand how it feels to read a piece over and over until I become too familiar with the words and overlook a mistake. What’s worse is when you find the errors you meant to change after you’ve already submitted a piece for publication!

After staring too long at a piece of writing, our minds start to skip over and miss what has become familiar. It’s like looking at a car engine, you can find certain parts and mechanisms at first, but the more you stare, the more you fail to notice.

My editing philosophy stands on honesty as well as encouragement. It’s your baby. In the end, YOU decide what is cut and what stays.

JOURNAL/CONTEST RECOMMENDATIONS involves reading submission-ready, polished pieces, and recommending which journals would be the best fit for your writing.

Every journal has a different aesthetic. It can take hours to do your homework and find out which ones will be the best home for your writing. I’ll help you to narrow down which journals and/or contests to submit to based on your unique style and voice.

Are you frustrated over that one journal that keeps rejecting your writing? I can evaluate your piece and give my honest feedback if it’s a good fit or not, and if it is, what I can do to increase your chances of acceptance.

Additionally, I understand language is essential when writing, and I am aware of a writer’s voice, style, and dialect when editing a piece. A good editor helps the writing to be better, not different. A great editor will never disrupt a piece of writing from its original authenticity regarding race, creed, or sexual orientation. 

Please email me with questions, a cost estimate, and to request a sample edit.

Please include a brief description of the project, timelines (if any), type of editing or particular concerns, and any other information you think might be helpful.



MFA in Poetry and Fiction from the Mile High MFA at Regis University 2018

MA in English/Creative Writing from Regis University 2013

BA in English/Professional Writing from CU Denver 2009

Poetry and Prose Editor: Heavy Feather Review 2018-Present

Publishing/Marketing Editor: F(r)iction and Tethered by Letters 2016

First Reader/Marketing Coordinator: The Vestal Review 2016

Nonfiction Editor: The Fem Literary Magazine 2015-2016

Associate Editor: The Conium Review 2014-2017

*3 years experience tutoring at Community College of Denver and 1 year tutoring ESL students at the college level.



*All photos Hillary Leftwich copyright 2019

6 thoughts on “Work With Me

  1. Hillary has saved me days of work with her journal recommendation service. She provided a list of journals that are currently accepting submissions, journals that would be the best home for my individual voice. She even recommended in what order I submit to each and gave me tips on my cover letter. This is an invaluable service for a writer who wants to increase their chance of acceptance and spend their free time writing instead of researching journals.


  2. I was lucky to hear about Hillary’s editing services through a writing friend. I am so happy I sent her an essay that I’ve been working on for three years. She offered incredibly thoughtful, honest, and compassionate feedback. I would work with her again in a heartbeat!


  3. Hillary is amazing, you guys. The editor for my book had to back out at the last minute and Hillary jumped in, whipped it into shape and sent it back as fast as I needed her to. She’s reasonably priced, easy to work with, totally knows her stuff and is an all-around great human. I’d totally hire her again.

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