At the Inkwell Denver


I am the organizer and host for At the Inkwell Denver, a monthly reading series (now online!) I have been hosting for four years now and we are still going strong supporting the voices you love.

My passion has always been creating a safe space for voices to be heard. Initially, I started out organizing and hosting readings on my own for fundraisers such as The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and Denver’s own slam poetry team Minor Disturbance. When Monique Antoinette Lewis asked me to co-host with her for At the Inkwell Denver, I was excited! Four years later, I have been curating this series since Monique’s move to Paris. I love giving readers a platform to promote their work and to raise awareness for their words. It’s hard enough to be a writer and a creative when it comes to promoting your work. My main goal is to help writers and other creative folks create a spotlight just for them for the world to know who they are and what their words are all about.

Interested in being a featured reader, performer, or have a creative panel you’d like the world to know about? Email me at the address below!

Words are necessary. Your voice matters.