Interviews With Authors

Wednesday Work Day is a series started by editor Hillary Leftwich to showcase and support creatives who offer services, both in-person or online, and are impacted by the pandemic and the shutdowns both statewide as well as in other countries. The series will showcase one business or individual that is still able to provide a service during the shutdown, whether via remote service or some other way. The hope is to overcome the struggle creatives are enduring through these times and have you, dear reader, get to know some folks who might be able to help you or someone you know with their services. 

An interview with Brian D’Agosta and his art “Gostworks”:

An interview with Virgil Dickerson, owner of K.R.E.A.M. Consulting & Kimchi:

An interview with R. Alan Brooks and Victor V. Hogan:

An interview with Millete Birhanemaskel, owner of Denver’s Whittier Cafe :

An interview with The Tenacious Unicorn Ranch:

An interview with Author, Editor, and EFT Coach Deanna Rasch:

An interview with Empathic Editors:

Interviews With Authors & Book Reviews

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