☿ Al·che·my Writing Workshop

Flash Fiction Mastery Class: Level Up I

October 2nd-October 16th

$175 for participants and $150 dollars for Patreon supporters of Alchemy Writing Workshop. Scholarships available. Class size 10 max.

This two week online workshop focuses on the history behind flash fiction as well as the craft. Daily exercises and prompts will both educate and challenge while inspiring writers to break the rules and create using tools outside of the typical techniques of writing flash fiction. Writers have the flexibility of participating based on their own schedules in a supportive and encouraging environment. Master each lesson and level up to become a flash fiction master in a fun and challenging environment. At the end of the workshop, a celebration ceremony where readings from each workshop participant will take place. Each writer who completes the workshop will receive a Certificate of Flash Fiction Mastery.

This workshop is designed for intermediate to advanced flash writers who have an understanding of flash fiction and who have participated in a writing workshop before, either online or in person. This will challenge the advanced flash writer and educate the intermediate in a rewarding and supportive space on the Wet Ink platform.


“Hillary Leftwich’s Flash Fiction Mastery Class Level I is an exciting and generative instructional workshop for the flash writer, especially one interested in the history and development of flash fiction. Hillary’s professional, multi-media presentations guide participants as they develop their work. Her prompts and feedback are insightful and generous, and the writing that emerged out of the workshop among the imaginative participants was fantastic. Thank you so much for the opportunity to participate, Hillary. It was such a valuable experience.” April Bradley, editor at Smokelong Quarterly and Pidgeonholes

“This workshop has taught me techniques and tools that have now developed into an official go to system and process for my future flash. Without this course, I would still be taking too long (and stressing too hard about) writing a quality 1000-word story. I am forever grateful for what I have learned as it is something I can carry with me forever now. Well worth the money!” Ahja Fox, Poetry Editor for Copper Nickel & Homology Lit

“Hillary Leftwich’s new class on writing Flash Fiction offers a clear step-by-step process that allows a writer to narrow his or her mind onto a specific level of the writing process. This is an enormous help to those of us who have spent much time sitting in front of a blank computer screen wondering how to start.” Gay Degani, author of Rattle of Want

“Hillary Leftwich is a true light. Her main focus is making sure everyone is accounted for in a community environment. She’s a perfect workshop leader. She brings us together, facilitates, and lets the community lead itself organically. She approaches every piece for its intention with kindness and boldness. Hillary compares the piece to the history of the genre, writers that came before, and contemporary writers that are working with the same themes, forms, and voice. With this comparison, we are able to see how we fit, where we’re headed, or what we’re working against.” Sara Khayat, writer, poet, and community builder

“First of all, I’m a huge fan of Hillary Leftwich’s work so when I found out she was teaching a class on flash, I couldn’t wait to find out her secrets. This turned out to be one of the most comprehensive classes on flash I’ve taken. Combining both short lessons and video lectures with links to articles by other flash writers, Hillary teaches you the history of the form and then takes you through creating and refining your own flash. She provides samples from both popular film and written stories in order to learn new techniques. She provides a safe place to share, comment, and critique each other’s work. It’s perfect for beginners but still meaty enough for anyone already experienced who wants to up their game. Highly recommended!” Linda Niehoff, flash fiction writer and photographer.

Alchemy Writing Workshop